Asset-Backed Loan

Alliance Finance Group is especially helpful to seasonal or cyclical businesses that feature asset-rich balance sheets and can be structured to align with a borrower’s business and operational needs.

Alliance Finance Group takes the form of revolving lines of credit, and term loans have been provided in conjunction with capital markets offering and various other long-term debt instruments.

We combine all inventory receivables and plant and equipment into one borrowing base, significantly increasing the borrower’s debt.

The borrower will calculate and report this borrowing best monthly so that Alliance Finance Group can monitor the exposure.

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Basics about asset-based lending

The asset-based lending is all about alone that is secured by the asset. The loan is granted by the lender, which is collateralized with an asset of the borrower.

The loan is secured by the assets of the borrower in asset-based lending. As the asset secures the loan, asset-based lending is considered less risky than unsecured lending, leading to lower interest rate charges.

In addition, the more liquid asset, the less risky the loan is likely to be considered, and the lower the interest rate would be demanded.

Asset-backed lending amount

Asset-based lending commonly refers to the loan to value ratio. The loan to value ratio for the asset-backed loan is around 80% of the marketable securities. Therefore, it states that the lender could only be willing to provide a loan of about 80% of the value of the marketable securities.

How does the asset-backed lending board with Alliance Finance Group?

The asset-backed lending is a part of a loan or a line of credit that is issued by the lender to a business. It can help with working capital debt refinancing, seasonal sales fluctuations, acquisitions, mergers, and restructuring.

Reasons to choose
Alliance Finance Group for asset-backed loans.

When you choose Alliance Finance Group for asset-backed loans, we offer fast approval times as compared to typical bank loans. It means that your loan will be approved quickly. When you take the fund, you can use it for anything you want. Additionally, the asset-backed loan from Alliance Finance Group allows you to improve the cash flow and smooth out seasonal valleys and peaks.

Our asset-backed loan supports businesses in all types of industries. The asset-based lending offers a prominent financing solution for all companies to benefit from the value of their assets and achieve better liquidity and pursue maximum growth opportunities. The lending solutions are available in various currencies.

Alliance Finance Group is looking forward to offering structured cash flow lending to drive business growth and provide an alternative to typical bank loans and overdrafts. In addition, we take a holistic view of the business assets like receivables and property inventory plant machinery to optimize the working capital.

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