Cash Flow Lends

If you are a small business owner, then cash flows are a topic that can bring anxiety, but there is a lot of help available. A cash flow loan is readily available in Australia when you choose Alliance Finance Group, and it is just the perfect solution you need.

The importance of cash flow lending

Cash flow lending generally includes a short-term loan for a business owner to use for a business-related purpose. For example, it might mean covering a temporary cash shortage taking advantage of too good to miss a business opportunity, or investing in some new equipment.

We are one of the leading working capital providers of business cash flow solutions. There are several reasons why you might want to bring revenue recognition forward in the business. It might be that you are looking to grow, you are pitching for more work, and you are worried about maintaining the cash flow as you pick up several jobs.

You might have some depth of a seasonal cash flow, and bringing forward the revenue recognition helps ease those cash flow challenges.

Benefits of
cash flow lending

Large funding amount

Cash flow loans generally are based on multiple trailing EBITDA, which is not an advanced rate against the assets. It means that the company qualifies for a large loan, in some cases at least five times the amount a bank gives.

Longer flexible terms

Cash flow loans are customized to the borrower’s needs and generally have a term of 5 to 7 years, and repayment is usually backed through the balloon payment. It allows you to defer the loan payments, and you can use the cash flow to grow the business.

Comfortable with minimum collateral

Cash flow loans are ideally in a second lien position or an unsecured relative with a conventional bank loan. They will lend deeper into the equity valuation of the business that gives you valuable financing to increase the growth. Generally, there is no need for a personal guarantee.


Cash flow loans are tied to the equity value of your company’s enterprise value. It is because they believe in your equity value, and they are more apt to provide funding for future growth.

Inexpensive form of equity

Cash flow loans do not get shares in the company but generally have high-interest rates. It is more beneficial to bring in the cash flow lender than the investor. You can hold to the shares and always maintain business control.

Alliance Finance Group loans are cash flow friendly, and they do not require any collateral. The best part is that the loans here are offered based on the company’s EBITDA level. As a result, Alliance Finance Group finance is one of the best bets for small and medium-sized companies seeking acquisition financing or capital financing.

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