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Investment Loans are the loans taken to make investments in property for getting long-terms returns. Just similar to making investment in shares, bond and ETF’s, investing in a property is the preferred choice of the Australians for getting high-returns. Whatever be the prevailing market conditions, this form of investment stands tall among the investors and they are quite eager to build up their property portfolio.

Investment property loans can be used to invest in land, houses, apartments or commercial property. You earn income through rent, but you have to pay interest and the costs to own the property. These can include council rates, insurance and repairs etc. But what carries utmost importance in the whole process of taking loan and investing is finding the right investment property which is a time and effort taking process. As the investment property you will choose will directly affect your return on investment so you need to choose the property wisely

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Important factors to consider when buying an investment property

There are many factors that you have to consider before buying an investment property. Let us have a look at them


Proper Planning

Buying of the property should be properly planned considering your goals and risk tolerance and it must be a part of your investment plan.


Thorough market research

Carry out a thorough research in the property market to buy the right property

Check for output

When you are about to buy property weigh down what are you going too spent on it and what returns you are going to get back from it. Ask yourself, does it seems feasible and profitable to make such investment?

What to buy

Properties with appealing features

Look for properties with appealing features like a second bathroom, a garage and access to schools, shops and transport.

Cost based property

Consider maintenance costs based on property type, age, and features.
Plethora of options

Where to buy


Look for areas where high growth is expected, so there is potential for capital gains. Ensure public transport is easily accessible and the neighbourhood is safe

Find out about proposed planning changes in the suburb that may affect future property prices.
Look for areas where rental return is high in relation to property value
Find out about the vacancy rates in the neighborhood. A high vacancy rate may indicate a less desirable area, which could make it harder to rent the property out or sell it in the future. Look for low vacancy rates.

Importance of
Investment Loan

As important as it is to find the right property, so is to find the best investment loan. Choosing the right investment loan is not always about getting the loan at less rate of interest but the best loan for your investment property is the one that works that goes hand in hand with your investment strategy.

Different types of home loans have different levels of flexibility. The amount of flexibility you need will depend on your investment goals. It is important to understand the difference between an investment loan that helps you reduce debt more quickly and an investment loan that can help you to purchase more investment properties in the future.

So you should choose right investment loan structure.

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You need to choose a right investment loan structure. This is where, we come into play as we at Alliance financials help you to make the right choice of investment loan structure and find the right property at the hot-location by taking all the factors into the consideration.

Our team of professionals devise a unique strategy to take care of all your needs and make sure you get loan according to your requirements and invest in a high-return property.

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