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Owner Occupier homes, as it is clear from the name itself are the homes that you purchase with the motive of living in it. So if you are planning to buy a home to live in it, there is option of owner-occupier loans for you that allows you to borrow the amount you need to purchase an existing home, build a new property or renovate an existing one.

In Australia, getting your own home is a big dream of everyone and to fulfill this dream people explore variety of loan options. Out of the many available loan options, owner occupier loans accounting for the majority of home loan commitments each month according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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Lower Interest Rates

Owner Occupier loans generally have lower interest rates than investment loans and are considered to be a safer option than investment loans. There are certain terms and conditions under owner occupier loans that prohibits you to rent out your property for a certain period of time

Wide Variety of Features

Owner Occupier loans comes with wide variety of features such as an offset account, redraw or line of credit facility and the ability to make extra repayments.

This also make Owner Occupier loans expensive as compared to other home loans that do not carry these features. However, most of these features are designed to help you pay your home loan off sooner, which could save you money in the long run.

Plethora of options

Impact of home-loans on wealth and how to deal with it


Are you aware of the fact that the structure of your home loan has a massive impact on the amount of wealth you can create through property?

We, at Alliance financials understand the impact of home-loans on your financial records so we take into consideration all your requirements and tailor loan-structure in accordance with that. We provide you access to various calculators to get the right information needed to proceed further. You will be able to calculate about home payments, interest payments, tax payments, stamp-duty etc. that will give you a proper idea how getting an owner occupier loan is impacting your wealth and what you should do to manage it properly

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We know how important this time and decision of buying a new home is for you. So we take utmost care and apply full effort while acquiring a best deal for you. We make sure to get application of our clients processed quickly within no time when the applications are piling up and down. We have been trusted since years and have a strong track record of successful clients. We stand at top when it comes to recommendation from master real-estate agents. They recommend us to their clients for getting a high-quality service.

Our well qualified and knowledgeable team have complete knowledge of the housing market, loan-products and policies. We have strong connections with over 30 lenders different lenders and very well know about the loan-products they are offering.

We make sure our clients get the best one and make their journey of getting a new home a beautiful one by dealing with all the formalities involved and carrying out a transaction by paying personal attention on case to case basis.

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Don’t make your mind boggle with lot of questions. Our 24 * 7 hrs. Customer service ensures that you get a best and safer ride on your journey to a new home. Don’t let the right time pass- by and avail home loans services at best prices from the best-hands in the industry.

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