Refinancing Loans

The meaning of term

Refinancing is basically switching your old home-loan to a new loan with better rate of interests and the one that is best suited for you. Earlier, switching your loans was a biggest nightmare for the people of Australia.

They have to pay heavy exit fees to lenders if they wish to refinance their loan which discouraged them to take refinance loans although they were not happy and satisfied with their current loans.

But, the scenario changed for the good after 2011 when the Federal Government outlawed exit fees after that (except for loans written before 2011), making refinancing much easier.

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Refinancing Loans

Refinancing Loans are basically the loans you switch to. These loans necessarily not have to be from another provider, you can even refinance with the same lender but to a different product. The new loan you choose should come with better rates and designed uniquely for you according to your requirements

Reasons for refinancing home-loans

There are many reasons that encourage you to refinance your home-loans

Your financial position has now been upgraded:
When you first took a home-loan you were not in a better financial position but now things have changed for you and you have become financially sound and is in a better position to look for a new home loan offer suited to you.

Your LVR has changed:
When you took a first home loan with a small deposit of 10% or even 5%, at that time you probably didn’t get the absolute best interest rate around, since the best offers at that time were reserved for borrowers with LVRs of 80% or below. And now, you’ve paid off some of your loan and your LVR has decreased, so you may be able to get a better interest rate.

You want to access more beneficial features (such as offset accounts):
When you were taking the loan for the first time you didn’t wanted it to be a complex one so you opted for a simple loan. But, now that you’ve had that loan for a few years you might want to refinance to an option with more features like an offset account, extra repayments or a redraw facility.

Plethora of options

Benefits of
Refinancing Home-loan

Save a lot of money

By refinancing your home loan to a new loan with a lower interest rate or better features, you could save yourself thousands of dollars over the course of your loan period. It is better to save your hard-earned money for other important things in life.

Pay your loan off faster

Another benefit of refinancing your loans is that you will now be able to pay your loan off faster. By switching to a lower interest rate but keeping up the same repayments you make now, you can shave years off your loan term. This will not only mean you’re mortgage free sooner, but will also save you on interest.

Easy access to equity

You can now access the equity in your home to access cash when you need it. Fund your renovation, plan your next holiday, upgrade your car or do whatever you wish. It is at your convenience now

More Controlling Power

Consolidating your other debts into your home loan can reduce interest rates and give you a clearer view of your finances.

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