Teo Torrelli

Mortgage Broker Since 1985

Teo Torrelli is a Commercial Mortgage Broker since 1985 and has assisted over 3,500 clients arranging the right commercial loan to suit their purposes.
Teo is an industry pioneer, and a Hall of Fame member of PLAN Australia.

Teo has full industry accreditation with over 30 bank lenders plus built a strong reputation with over 20 Private Lenders to provide loan solutions for all clients regardless of their circumstances.

With an accounting background Teo specialises in complex, commercial and high net worth client loan applications.

Teo often workshops the client scenario directly with the client’s accountant, financial planner and solicitor to ensure the loan solution delivers the financial goal sought by the trusted advisor. He then engages with various lenders to ascertain appetite and basic terms.

Teo communicates clearly with clients, referral partners and lenders with the priority always being the timely delivery of the right loan for our client.

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